Find yourself appreciating the true essence of mosaic artwork and the magic of drawings as soon as you enter into the Vincci Bit. The artists Marta Cerdà and Yoshi Sislay have reinvented the two concepts, creating unique art that will win you over at first sight.


The magic of the ethereal, the calm of lightness, the sensation of floating… On the basement floor you can navigate between spaces, walking as if suspended in air, thanks to the surprising and colourful works of art made by the Russian Dopludo Collective.


Walk to your room accompanied by the beauty of an illustration made by Míster Mourao (Vasco Mourao): a mural telling you the stories of the city. The artist made this mural along 100 metres of wall in 23 days using 122 pencils in the process.


As soon as you step out of the lift on the second floor you are trapped by a magical sensation of being swept away by a current of fresh air and colour. The artist Alex Trochut has used his skill with spray paint cans in this corridor to give shape to what he refers to as ’the feeling of floating’.


Welcome to the dreamlike world that artists Aleix Gordo and Dixon have managed to create for you along the corridor on the third floor: a 210-metre mural made using acrylic paint and felt-tip pens, inviting you to dream and let yourself be carried away by your subconscious.


Geometry and intense colours full of life and light cover the walls of the corridor on the fourth floor, providing a unique setting as you walk to your room in Barcelona. This work of art, around 50 metres long, was made by the US artist Matt W. Moore.


Imagination takes over and creates a completely new world on the fifth floor. The fun-filled universe that fills the corridor with drawings sprang from the minds of a local artist duo: Brosmind, the brothers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro.


The elegance of illustration combines with the originality of collage along the corridor on floor six. On these walls the artist Lorenzo Petrantoni has placed various illustrations made using fireproof paper stuck together with glue. A work of art that will surprise you.


Drawings that grow, feel and move... The art work on this floor are made by the famous Japanese artist Yoshi Sislay, resident in Barcelona. The drawings will accompany you during your stay here with us, providing you with a fun-filled world adding life to the walls.


The last artistic contribution you will find is on the sun terrace, the rooftop and the pool. It is a 7.5-metre-long mural filled with colour and intensity that artist Christian Gastaldi made using collage technique. Pure art that will transport you to another world.